It was back in the summer of 2014 that we first told you about development plans for 2412 E. Gordon St., a rather large parcel which was at that time home to an out-of-place one-story rancher.

Just a couple years ago

Back then, developers had come to the community with a plan to demolish the existing building and subdivide the lot, building five homes on E. Gordon Street and another three homes on E. Dauphin Street. FNA wrote a letter of support but the community was almost evenly split, with near neighbors generally opposed to the project because parking wasn't part of the plan. Last fall, we checked in on the project shortly after groundbreaking and discovered that somewhere along the way the developers changed the project to incorporate parking into the design. The fifth home on E. Gordon Street is now a carriage house and the other seven homes will have rear-access garage parking. Looking at the site today, we can see the four full homes on Gordon are moving along nicely, with the carriage house and the homes on Dauphin soon to follow.

Row of homes on Gordon Street

Three more coming on Dauphin St.

Elevations drawing of what to expect on Gordon Street

According to the realtor representing the project, it's being called the Argyle Court Townhomes. The homes will be listed at the end of the week with prices in the high $400K range, a price point that clearly wouldn't be possible without the addition of parking. On its face, the change to the project is probably a net positive for both the developer and the community, though it still feels a little odd given that there was no refusal for parking in the first place. Ah well, backyards are overrated anyway.