The property at 2052 Blair St. has been sitting blighted and vacant for the last couple years, distracting from the unfortunate vinyl siding that covers its facade. Recently though, a reader gave us a shout to let us know that the home has been demolished. If you wish you had seen it before its demise, you can certainly visit the block and look at the home still standing next door, and you'll get a good enough idea of what was here before.

In the past

Current view

Does this mean a new home is coming soon? Perhaps. Looking at public record, it appears that the property hasn't changed ownership since 2012. But that owner could certainly redevelop the property! However, we don't see any permits on the property aside from those relating to the demolition, so we don't see anything on the immediate horizon. It's even possible that the property was demoed by the City, as that sort of thing happens every now and then for a property with such a laundry list of violations.

If a new project were to take place here, it would be in fine company. Immediately behind the property, on Trenton Street, a building that was once a chair manufacturer is turning into a 12-unit building. Across Blair street, Postgreen built the Pop! houses a few years back, and with their cork facades they're among our favorite homes in the neighborhood. Further down the street, we can see the mixed-use Frankford Stacks which just finished up last year and adds some height and density to the block.

Looking toward E. Norris St.

Frankford Stacks, further down the block

For now though, we'll just have to be satisfied that a blighted building is no longer with us and appreciate the vacant lot as an upgrade. Surely it won't be long before we hear about a plan to redevelop this property.