According to a zoning application we noticed last week, 1331 Frankford Ave. will be getting a new bike shop in short order. But nearby Bicycle Stable need not worry about the competition, since the new establishment will be specializing in bikes of the motorized variety.

Future motorcycle shop

The application indicates that the space will contain motorcycle assembly and repair, along with a dedicated retail show room. Though this thread on indicates that a few other motorcycle shops are currently in business in the general area, the sense is that this location will represent a higher end establishment in comparison to those other stores. And with a location on the Frankford Ave. commercial corridor, it will certainly have good visibility.

The addition of this store will complete a small chain of abutting retail establishments, all in buildings owned by the same entity, 1325 Frankford Associates. To the south, Lola Bean serves up coffee, tasty pastries, and a pretty good lunch. To the north are a new salon and Art Machine Productions, a tattoo shop and art gallery.

Lola Bean, in a fancy newish building

Salon and Art Machine Productions to the north

With all the residential development that’s taken place in Fishtown in the past several years, it’s certainly encouraging to see that the commercial development is keeping pace, to an extent. As more people move to the neighborhood and more business concepts become viable, more amenities are available to area residents. And that makes the area even more attractive for more new people! And so the cycle continues…