We've always appreciated the Bicycle Stable, both because they are one of the better bike shops around and because they're located in a really interesting old building. So it's with some genuine sadness that we report that they'll soon be closing their doors for good. A large banner out front brought this to our attention when we passed by the other day.

Bicycle Stable

Another view

We always thought that the building, located at 1420 Frankford Ave., was originally built as a church. But that just goes to show that our instincts are terrible. The building was actually constructed for use as a stable for police horses, and was affiliated with a police station directly behind it on Front Street. The former police station isn't with us anymore but the old stable remains, bringing a dash of character to Frankford Avenue. The architecture of the old building is pretty great, particularly when considered in contrast to the newer home next door.

Back in 1959

The business has been around for about a decade, selling new and used bikes and doing repairs as well. According to a thread on Fishtown.us, the store is closing because the owner is ready to retire. Others on the thread have indicated that the store may relocate, though maybe that would be under new management. The owner of the business also owns the building, so we have to wonder what will be the next step at this address. The structure would seemingly make for a really nice adaptive reuse for residential purposes, or another business could take over the building as well. Either would make sense.

While that shakes out, we're pretty sure you still have time to take advantage of the major sale at the Bicycle Station, continuing 'til they close up shop. So get over there!