1700-04 Frankford Ave., a double-wide two-story commercial building across the street from the post office, is in the midst of a transformation. As recently as a couple of years ago, it looked pretty awful.

Not loving the vinyl

See Properties LLC purchased the buildings along with the vacant lot in the rear for $245K about a year ago, and in the past few months have been doing significant work on the property.

Vinyl gone, but cornice revealed!

Frontal shot

These photos were taken perhaps a week ago, and we’ll be very interested to see the developers’ vision for the look of the buildings come together in the next month or two. We’ve been trying to get the scoop on what’s going on with the space since we snapped the photos, but we’ve come up empty.

So we turn it over to you, kind readers. Have any Fishtowners heard anything about this property? So far, the developers (or future tenants) have not applied for any zoning variances, nor do we believe they’ve reached out to the community. With about forty feet of frontage on a prominent corner on Frankford Ave., this space could contain a very visible new business for the neighborhood. Or would neighbors prefer a more passive use, like an office space or something of the like?

We’ll be keeping our ears open and pass along any information that we happen upon.