Writing about development as we do, we frequently have to consider the "highest and best" use for a given property and reconcile that with economic realities. A storage facility might make financial sense at 23rd & Washington and was permitted by right, but few would argue that's the best use of such a prominent parcel. On the other side of the spectrum, when a developer owns an 800 sqft lot in a residential neighborhood, just about everyone would agree that a single-family home (or possibly a duplex) is the highest and best use for the property. It's all subjective, of course, except when it isn't.

The new Heffe, in all its glory

At 1431 Frankford Ave. you'll find a smallish triangular lot that was once home to a hot dog stand and before that a luncheonette. Back in the day, we'd imagine it was a gas station. We first wondered about this property a few years back when we noticed a sign on the building that indicated it was available. Earlier this year, we told you with some excitement that the owners of Modo Mio and Paesano's were planning to open a taco stand here. The business, named Heffe and boasting the tagline "Tacos That Don't Suck," opened a couple weeks ago. And you can see, it's a very simple operation with a kitchen and three picnic tables in a fenced-in area. And might we suggest you try the PoleYO! tacos- they're delicious.

Building under construction across the street

Looking up Frankford Ave. we see more construction

Across the street, a mixed-use building is slowly progressing. Ditto another project further up the block. And around the corner, a church was demoed earlier this year in favor of a residential project. Regarding the projects on Frankford Avenue, many would agree that smaller sized mixed-use projects were probably the highest and best use of the properties. Regarding the homes that are replacing the church, there's perhaps some more disagreement. But on the subject of Heffe, we imagine there's no dissent- a taco stand is truly the highest and best use for this property. Get there already, what are you waiting for?