Adorn boutique opened their door this month at their new location at 1314 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. Though open to the public, Sarah Lewis, owner and designer, is set to remodel the store front this summer in a whole new way. Where Mother Nature’s hand meets the clever eye for design, Lewis’ storefront will compliment her style of jewelry. Contractor Cory Diehl is set to complete the storefront this summer. The design incorporates two front-entrance planters, vertical pine planks lacing the first-floor exterior and a copper top. Trumpet vines and Creeping Jennys climb up the second floor wall creating a chic organic look. Inside you find Birch tree clothing racks that display a variety of sweaters, T-shirts, purses and more. Artfully cut rock jewelry displayed on finished tree stumps combined with a white wall interior creates an inviting, clean atmosphere that welcomes any curious onlooker. —Derek Krzywicki