While Michael Samshick of CORE Realty continues renovations of the old Richmond Street Warehouse into a mega entertainment complex—including a 3,000 seat venue, two restaurants and more—developers are hoping to capitalize on a reviving Frankford Avenue between Girard and Delaware Avenues.

Warehouse under construction

Only a football pass north of that project, developers want to transform 1140 Frankford Ave., a shabby looking industrial garage that may or may not be in use by adding two new stories. The building was acquired at the end of 2013 for a hefty $220K and sits next to a wide open lot that covers a few addresses and is used for industrial storage. The building will be used for office space, though we couldn't tell you what business will occupy it. The ZBA gave their approval this week.

1140 Frankford Ave.

Lot to the south. Also, Barcade.

Just across the street from 1140 Frankford Ave., the former Bookspace, at 1113 Frankford Ave., once a vibrant DIY space glowing with christmas lights and music, is now for rent. Next door to that, the former delectable fine lamp shop at 1105 Frankford Ave. is now Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles.

From lamps to cycles

This section of Frankford Avenue has also seen some major residential development lately, namely: Frankford Lofts. For years 1039-55 Frankford Ave. was a stalled project. Back in August 2012 we wrote about it. But last winter, the project finally came online and now it's finished, providing a new sheen for a block that still possesses some solid redevelopment potential.

Blighted building getting work done!?!

Speaking of potential, note the dumpster in front of the vacant building next to Transport Cycles that we've been wondering about for years. Remember, over a year ago, we told you that the building would finally come back into use with a first floor restaurant, fifteen apartments, and a mechanical parking garage. It's taken some time for that project to get off the ground, but the fact that a crew was onsite cleaning out the building the other day suggests that it's finally happening. We'd wager that the future residents of this building will probably enjoy video games, cycles, large entertainment venues, or some combination of the three.