There’s little to be said about Fishtown that hasn’t been said a million times before. Since the inception of this blog a dozen years ago, this area has transitioned from working class neighborhood to the hippest part of town, thanks to the charming scale and multiple commercial corridors slicing through rowhouse-lined streets. The intersection of Cedar, Norris, and Susquehanna is an example of exactly this, with staples such as Loco Pez, ReAnimator Coffee, and Cedar Point sitting at this key intersection. This six-spoked spot is so key, in fact, that it’s one of the target areas for improvement for the Fishtown-Kensington Vision Plan. But despite all of the activity here, we make our trek today to check on the 2358-60 E. Susquehanna Ave., where the pointy corner building between Norris & Susquehanna will add to the fun.

An aerial of the intersection shows the criss-cross of streets
Looking east on Cedar St., with Loco Pez in yellow and ReAnimator out of view to the right
The view looking west, with Cedar Point on the left
2358-60 E. Susquehanna Ave., our focus today

The plans here call for the combination of the two properties on the corner, where a single-family home and a three-unit apartment had both been approved back in 2019. But thanks to the wonders of the zoning rules, these four units have to go to the local registered community organization and then the ZBA to get approval to become…four units, thanks to lot size considerations. Additionally, this CMX-2 zoned property is planning to forego any commercial space, also triggering a zoning refusal. The footprint here will actually remain the same, with the funky layout retaining its original all-residential set-up.

The SW facade today
Some new railings and roofdecks planned for the future
Another view of the facade, complete with excavator
Another look at the facade shows off the funky angles...and a future mural
A look at the north-facing side along Susquehanna
Another mural and more landscaping spruce up this side in the future

While certainly not earth-shattering in nature, we love seeing important intersections and unique buildings getting the care they deserve. Thankfully, a Fishtown Neighbors Association vote unanimously supported this project, so we would imagine it will get the required variances once it goes to the Zoning Board of Adjustment in November. This should make this area that much more walkable, livable, and beautiful, adding even more pep to the step of this crossroads.

All you have to do is peer across Susquehanna to see another example of that vibrancy, as the former Fifth Reformed Dutch Church has received the glow-up of the century. Back in 2017, Mike Ski purchased the non-historically designated church, with plans for a live/work hybrid that would preserve the architecture. And those plans have been realized, with True Hand Society making their home in the gloriously updated church, complete with new windows and doors, and some seasonal decor, too.

2345 E. Susquehanna Ave. in the past, from Plan Philly
The current view of True Hand Society HQ, looking picture-perfect on a fall day

Like we said earlier, it is extremely easy to see why folks are still clamoring to live in the neighborhood. To be able to stroll out your front door and enjoy the bounty of local businesses on the block is precisely what makes city living so darn magical – and convenient. Now please excuse us as we grab a taco before finishing off our leg sleeve (hint hint).