The last time we checked in on the former 26th Precinct Police Station at Trenton & E Dauphin was about a year ago, when the long-vacant building was just a couple of months into a long-coming renovation. At the time, we told you that nine apartments and a bank would be coming to the building, which once housed cops and prisoners.

A year ago

From the looks of the outside of the building, the renovation is finished, but the bank is nowhere to be found.

Current view

From Trenton Ave.

There’s no question that this building’s revival, designed by VLBJR Architects, is a coup for the neighborhood. Commenters on a previous post suggested that some of the masonry work was flawed, but from this distance we couldn’t see any particularly noticeable or egregious flaws. We’re fairly certain that the windows are wood, as was promised to the Historical Commission in 2011, but if we didn’t know any better, we’d have thought they were vinyl.

We spotted some apartment listings online from a few months ago, which have since expired. Do people in the neighborhood know whether the building is already occupied, or whether the tenants are still to come? Also, does anyone know the deal about whether a bank is indeed coming to this property or whether those plans were scrapped?