When we last visited the 2700 block of Cambridge Street a few months ago, we checked in on two homes that were replacing a vacant lot and a blighted building. These homes are now finished, with one under agreement at a list price of $415K. Yowza.

These were recently finished

The price is all the more impressive when you consider the row of blighted buildings sitting at the end of the block. One would have to think that the buyers knew they'd be disappearing soon. And it turns out that they did just that a couple of weeks ago.

In the past

Blight finally gone

These three properties, formerly owned by PHA (thanks for maintaining your buildings guys) are being redeveloped through a partnership between MMPartners and Fairmount CDC. Remember, we told you all about it like two years ago. This collaboration has allowed for the renovation of homes on other blocks of Cambridge Street, and new construction as well. Check out a couple of the homes on the 2800 block of Cambridge Street:

New homes on the 2800 block

We wouldn't be surprised if the new homes coming to 2709-13 Cambridge St. looked similar. And let's face it, they couldn't look much worse than the homes that were demolished. Also of note, the guys who built the aforementioned pair of homes in the middle of the 2700 block also own a vacant lot next door to the recently demolished buildings. So this block should be getting four new homes in the very near future. And with the elimination of some persistent blight, everyone's quality of life has been improved dramatically.