The other day, a reader gave us the heads up about a demolition notice at 2323 Fairmount Ave., a mixed-use building a couple of blocks from Eastern State Penitentiary. Until last year, we think, the building was home to Beehive Salon, which has since moved to the 1700 block of Fairmount Avenue. Decades ago, it contained a storefront for W.E Taber Company, whatever that was.

Back in 1947

Investors bought the building a couple of years ago for just under $500K, and got permits earlier this year to do some interior demolition and renovation work. We think the building was gutted in preparation to make a high end salon, and the demolition notice serves as notice that the facade will be replaced. The facade is no huge loss, it kind of pales in comparison to most of the older neighbors on the block. Surely there was a proper cornice here once upon a time but it's been gone for many years.

Current view

Closer look shows demo sign

Interestingly, the building is on the market for $650K in its current state. According to the listing, the costs of the renovation effort are proving higher than expected and the current owners are looking to either get out or partner with someone. As we mentioned, we think the idea was to convert the building into a salon but it appears it could still end up a residence or a mixed-use building. Unfortunately, at the current price point and given the condition of the building we're not terribly optimistic that the buyers are going to be lining up. But perhaps a partner will lead the property into the future, and hopefully a new retail tenant will eventually pop up on this successful commercial block. Hey, if money were no object, we wouldn't protest the possibility of living above a business that's on the same block as Rybread and La Calaca Feliz.