Over the years, we've seen several projects from BMK Homes in the Fishtown, South Kensington, and East Kensington neighborhoods. Historically, at least as far as we can recall, BMK has done smaller projects. But of late they've ramped up their efforts, building more units at once. The Residence at York may be their largest project to date, with plans for eleven homes with rear-access parking. This project, at 2013 E. York St., is just around the corner from the disappointing senior housing project we covered last week.

Looking up York Street

View of the lot

From Boston Street

The property goes all the way back to Boston Street, which is where some heavy equipment is currently digging a hole. The first phase will include five homes that front Boston Street, and all of those homes are apparently already under agreement. The second phase will mean six homes on York Street priced around $380K which will look like this rendering from KJO Architecture.

Project rendering

East Kensington still has a large collection of vacant lots and we're generally pleased to see another one get redeveloped. For this particular parcel it's a little more bittersweet, as artist collective Little Berlin cleaned up the lot and used it for the last few years as a community and performance space called the "Fairgrounds." According to a Hidden City story from last year, there's a chance that Little Berlin will create a new Fairgrounds space at a different location nearby, but we couldn't tell you whether those plans have moved forward.