Are you sick of the nine to five grind and tired of dealing with your boss? Would you like to go into business for yourself in the food and beverage arena? Do you have an incredibly high threshold for personal suffering?

Allow us to present you with the potential solution for all of your troubles. There's been a grocery/deli operating at 2621 Sepviva St. for many years, with Pat's Gourmet operating there most recently. If you pass by the property now though, you'll see the store has closed down and there's a large sign advertising that the building will be going to auction next month.

The property

The building is also listed for sale, as it has been on and off since 2014. The current list price is $230K, which includes the retail space with a small commercial kitchen, a basement for storage, and a one-bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor. We don't think that this place will ever be a goldmine for any owner, but for someone who has always dreamt of working in their own little store and living upstairs, this could be a nice idea. We'd hope that the price will fall even further at auction, but who knows.

Across the street

One challenge for this location is the fact that there's a tall stucco wall across the street, and not homes of potential customers. This wall is part of the Jacquin's factory, which stretches all the way from Lehigh Avenue, finally ending at Huntingdon Street. And sure, peach schnapps and terrible vodka are important amenities in any neighborhood, but you'd much rather more residences than a sheer wall if you're operating a corner store across the street. 

If you're interested in the building, reach out to Associated Auctioneers for more information. As the sign says, the auction will take place on February 16th.