Last fall, we told you about two new homes from Callahan Ward on the 1900 block of E. Cumberland Street, about a block off of Kensington Avenue. Since it was a by-right project, the developers didn't have any renderings for the homes, so you needed to use some imagination to picture the finished product. Checking back today, no more imagination is required as the homes appear to be complete.

Completed homes from Callahan Ward

At the time, we were expecting prices in the low $300K price range, but we see that one of the homes is listed for $369K. We hope they're able to get that price, and some ongoing development nearby might just convince the potential buyers to take the plunge. First, we look across the street to 1923 and 1925 E. Cumberland St., where two new homes have been framed, replacing vacant lots. Developers bought these lots earlier this year, and like Callahan Ward, they're building by-right. Also like the Callahan Ward homes, these properties have some vacant land next door which could continue to sit vacant in the immediate future.

New new homes across the street

Turning the corner onto Jasper Street, we see two more new homes are under construction. 2472 and 2474 Jasper St. had similarly been vacant for many years, but soon two more new homes will join the neighborhood. It looks like longtime owners are building these homes, as we don't see any new ownership reflected in public record. But these things do lag sometimes, so who knows.

More new construction around the corner on Jasper Street

As we've said many times in the past, the development wave in East Kensington continues to push toward the El. So it's no surprise to see multiple projects happening on and close to Jasper Street. We would think that such close proximity to Kensington Avenue might depress developer interest some, but that just doesn't appear to be the case right now.