At first glance, and honestly at second glance too, the 2100 block of E. Dakota St. doesn't exactly seem like a wonderful place to build new homes. The narrow street feels like an alleyway, with mostly backyards from buildings on Arizona and Dauphin Streets. But if you consider the pace of development in the surrounding neighborhoods, even less desirable blocks like this one deserve consideration from builders.

Looking down the block, view from Amber Street

Backyards, pile of kindling

A home on the block, next to a blank wall

Like we said, the block doesn't exactly scream out to potential buyers. Nevertheless, developers are eyeing vacant lots at 2111-13 E. Dakota St., with plans for two new homes. Each lot is 12' wide and 40.75' deep, which will necessitate a trip to the ZBA, likely for an open area variance.

Zoning notices!

We've seen skinny homes sell in East Kensington, and we've seen more typically sized homes sell on lousy blocks here too. We can't think of any examples though, of skinny homes selling on lousy blocks in this neighborhood. But these developers clearly have faith that if they build it the buyers will come. We wonder, would merging the lots and building condos have offered a safer development play? Or is the demand for new homes so strong in this area that people will be excited to buy on this block?