East Kensington is an interesting architectural study of a neighborhood that’s experiencing considerable development. On a single block, you may find a classic Philly row home next door to an ultra-contemporary new construction home, next door to a vacant lot. But on the 2000 block of E. Susquehanna, it seems that an older home is on the outs, along with some vacant land.

Demolition coming soon

Last week, developers received approval from the ZBA to demolish the green home pictured above at 2072 E. Susquehanna Ave., and to construct three new homes on its lot as well as two additional vacant lots. These parcels, along with two on Abigail Street, were being offered for sale earlier this year for $350K. Public record doesn’t reflect the sale of the lots as of yet, but we would have to assume that the applicant is the new owner.

Another angle shows the homes next door are set back, with front porches

Just across the street

Across the street from this future project is one of the G8-Life homes constructed in the last couple of years. This is (clearly) an example of the ultra-contemporary that we mentioned before. But not all of the new construction in the area has been like this. There have been plenty of homes that have gone up that have less exciting or interesting facades. And then some in the neighborhood have just been unfortunate.

Will the new homes have a contemporary look? A classic look? Somewhere in between? Stay tuned, we’ll be sure to fill you in as the construction gets underway.