There's another small project coming to East Kensington, but we're not exactly sure what it'll look like. Today we spied a zoning notice at 2023 E. Letterly St., a vacant lot on a block that sits between Coral and Emerald Streets. Homes only line one side of the block, with the Kensington Health Sciences Academy covering the other side.

Zoning notice

Developers bought this property about a year ago and went to the ZBA a couple of weeks ago with a plan to subdivide the property into two parts. This makes some sense, as the property is roughly 26' wide. The zoning application doesn't mention the plans for the property, but we have to imagine the developers will build two homes here. At 13' wide, they'll be two rather skinny homes, but compared to some of the other new homes in the neighborhood, they'll be positively cavernous. We wonder whether these homes will feature a third-floor setback like the newer home nearby. Let's hope not.

Newer home next door

This project is taking place close to the edge of development activity in this neighborhood, with a senior housing development progressing just up the block on the other side of Emerald Street. That being said, look for the homes eventually coming to Letterly Street to be of the market rate variety.

Looking up Letterly Street