When we were covering the construction of two new homes on E. Cumberland Street near Jasper Street last fall, we suggested that we wouldn't be surprised to see developer interest tick up in the area. We've seen development in East Kensington relentlessly push through the neighborhood, going from Amber to Coral to Emerald Street, and even though Jasper Street is but a block away from Kensington Avenue, we were still bullish.

New homes on E. Cumberland St.

We checked back here in May and discovered the two homes from the previous post were finished, and four new homes had been framed out nearby, with two on Cumberland and two more on Jasper Street. It seems our optimism was warranted, and some new zoning notices nearby further drive home this point. 1840-50 E. Cumberland St. has been an overgrown property with a prominent willow-like tree for many years, but soon enough we could see homes arrive here.

Current view

Developers bought this property earlier this year and have plans for six homes with rear-access parking. The project went before the community earlier this month, does anyone know how that meeting went? It goes to the ZBA next month, and assuming it gets support from the neighborhood we don't see why it would get shot down. It's probably safe to assume this project will move forward but even if it doesn't, you should still look for even more construction and redevelopment in this part of East Kensington. After all, it's so convenient to Thang Long, who wouldn't want to live here?