Increasingly these days, we're seeing vacant lots get filled in East Kensington. As lots have become more scarce on Amber Street, we're seeing more action on Coral Street. In a couple of years, we would bet that building will pick up on Emerald Street. And so on. Today, we look at the corner of Coral & Fletcher, just up the block from the fascinating Vader House. There, we find a new home rising with plans for some more in the works.

View from Fletcher St.

2231 Coral St. is currently under construction. The new home, along with the older home next door, was purchased by developers Luval Inc late last year. According to the listing, the developers plan to demolish the existing home and build another new construction home. Interestingly, the home that's currently framed out is being built on a 12' lot, which makes for an awfully skinny home.

View from Dauphin St.

More homes coming

On the other side of 2231 Coral St. are four vacant lots owned by City agencies. Last year, the lots went up for bid from the Redevelopment Authority. We know because we bid on them. Unsuccessfully. We believe that the same folks building the home now also won the bid for the City lots. The sign suggests they'll be building three homes on the four lots, with each home having three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and starting at just under $310K. If we're correct in our assumption the three homes will each be 16' wide, making them far roomier than the neighboring homes. We wonder, why didn't the developers simply wait a few more months and build four 15' wide homes on five lots, which would have ostensibly gotten them a higher price for the home that's currently under construction.

Still, skinny or not, it's a welcome sight to see new homes rising on this corner. And if you stare into the distance and squint, you can just barely make out business starting to pick up deeper in the neighborhood.