We were traveling on Frankford Avenue the other day and spotted a Liquor License Application that we hadn't noticed before. But for some reason, 2519 Frankford Ave. felt familiar to us. And then it hit us. We wrote about this building before! Years ago!

Back in 2011

Back then, the friendly looking storefront was getting a makeover. Though if you look at it today, it doesn't look like they did as good of a job as another storefront just a few doors down the street.

Current view

The new business planned for the space is called The Woodsman. When they presented to the community, the owners suggested that the new place would be a gastropub. That was years ago already, and the project may now finally be moving forward. If and when it does, it should be a nice addition to this end of Frankford Avenue, which will also soon see the addition of the Kensington Community Food Co-op.

Threads on Fishtown.us and stories on Philadelinquency have suggested that the owners of this business may have had some legal problems in the past and that work has proceeded here without permits. Looking at the LCB website, it appears that the liquor license was transferred back in March, so it seems that the investigator didn't see those issues as a problem. Hopefully, the bar will open, the community will embrace it, and it will achieve great success. Given the history though, we have a feeling that there will be at least of couple of chapters added to this story before the business opens its doorseas.