We were in the area and happened upon three new homes going up on the 2100 block of E. Hagert, pretty much across the street from Philadelphia Brewing Company. This was, until very recently, a vacant lot.

In the past

Now, however, there are three homes that are well on their way at 2105-09 E. Hagert St.

Current view

Developers Brickstone Group LLC purchased the lots from the City last year, we believe at sheriff’s sale, and possibly for as little at $16.5K per lot. This low price seems possible despite all the development activity in the area, due to the fact that the lots are a mere 12′ wide, which is considered quite narrow for a new construction home. But from the looks of it, architects Assimilation Design Lab have found a way to make it work. Check out these renderings of what the homes will look like when construction is finished:

Coming soon

Down from above, from a helicopter perhaps?

The three homes are probably a couple of months from being finished, but all are on the market already. Asking price for these 1,500 sqft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes is $239,950, with the corner bumped up to $249,950. Narrow or not, you can’t really beat those prices, considering the location. And if you go to the Brickstone website linked above, you can check out floor plans for these homes which shows some very creative use of space to theoretically make the houses feel wider than they actually are.

And face it, who wouldn’t want to live this close to all the excitement on Frankford Avenue these days? And with PBC right across the street, these future home owners will be adjacent to what is becoming a legitimate Philadelphia landmark. Come to think of it, we could actually go for a Kenzinger right about now.