When we last visited the 2000 block of E. Fletcher St. back in 2012, we were telling you about plans for a new six-unit building which has, in the elapsed time, been built and is now occupied. We also brought a vacant building to your attention next door at 2028 E. Fletcher St., speculating that the building would get renovated or replaced at some point in the future. It's been almost four years, and there's been no such luck. It's especially unfortunate because the building has some sweet bones.


So there's a newish six-unit building on the right side of the photo above, and there's a much newer pair of homes on the other side. Today we take a peek at those homes, mostly because they're something quite different than the norm, at least from a design perspective.

New homes next door

Better view of the homes

The developers of 2030 and 2032 E. Fletcher St. clearly took some architectural risks with these homes and we have to give them credit for their daring effort. So many developers are building so many homes these days and almost all of them look almost exactly the same. Not so many homes look like these. We're into the wood paneling and we're even more into the wood screening above the front doors. On the other hand, we're not so clear on what's the deal with the gray stucco wall at the tops of the homes. Are the ceilings really high for the third floor? Is it a tall parapet wall? We're not sure. Also worth noting that while the exterior is quite unusual, the interior lays out in a familiar way, with living room and kitchen on the first floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, and a master bedroom and bathroom on the third floor.

The homes sold earler this year at prices in the high $300K range. We'd say that's a small price to pay for some of the most unique looking homes in the neighborhood. Of course, it makes you wonder how much more people would have paid if there wasn't a blighted vacant building right next door.