Back in March, we covered a new project coming to 2401 Frankford Ave., excitedly sharing the news that this corner would soon pick up a new mini-Flatiron building to call its own. At the time, we also discussed this nightmarish intersection, where Frankford Avenue, E. York Street, and Trenton Avenue meet at a five-and-a-half point intersection. We mentioned that a roundabout would soon get started here, in an attempt to streamline the flow of traffic and increase safety for drivers, pedestrians, and bikers alike. Counterintuitively for such a sizable municipal project, it appears that things are moving rather quickly with roundabout construction, and the massively inconvenient road closures look like they could end sometime relatively soon.

IMG_9921 Copy
Roundabout looking good

Roundabout construction is making this area a mess for now, and once that’s done, figure the aggravation of construction at 2401 Frankford Ave. will seem quite tame, by comparison. Then again, this is Frankford Avenue, a commercial corridor that has seen an explosion of growth and construction over the last decade- so it comes as no surprise that there’s another project coming down the proverbial pike for this intersection. This time, it’s 2400 Frankford Ave., a property that’s been used as a small used car lot for many years. Alas, this makes absolutely no sense at this location in 2021, so it’s with no regret that we bid adieu to another vestige of the corridor’s recent history.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 At 11.27.56 AM
Old view of the property
IMG_9922 Copy
View now

Khosla Properties has purchased this property, adding to their project list in this neck of the woods. You may recall, we told you about another project from this developer on the 1400 block of E. Columbia last year. That project, which was dubbed “the Columbia,” contains 17 units in a jumbo sized (for the location) apartment building. At 2400 Frankford Ave., the developer will go with something a bit more in scale with its surroundings, opting for a 4-story building with 16 units and retail on the first floor. We appreciate the design of the building, from Canno, with its curved corner, echoing the shiny new roundabout right outside the front door as well as the round elementary school across the street. It’s also a fun detail that stands in contrast to the pointy building being proposed nearby, and the two buildings will work together to create some serious architectural interest at this unique intersection.

2400 Frankford Render
Project rendering

These projects, along with the new roundabout, make us wonder whether we could see additional construction on other underused properties nearby sometime soon. 2320-30 Frankford Ave. is an overgrown lot that’s loaded with cars, some of which haven’t moved in years. Seems like a quality redevelopment site, no? 2144-46 E. York St., a vacant corner lot that covers about 2,000 sqft, is right here as well. We could honestly see a world in which both of these properties get built up in the next year or two, or we could see things remain unchanged for another decade, despite all the development nearby. Figure if these parcels have held out for this long, they could continue to wait for years to come.