We were cheered over the summer when we saw construction moving forward at Hagert & Emerald, optimistic that East Kensington development was starting to crawl more aggressively toward Emerald Street. Then we remembered that this project was actually a not very tall, not very dense senior housing development and our cheer was dampened. Passing by the other day, we noticed that framing is taking place, albeit slowly.

Construction at senior housing project

In the photo above, perhaps you noticed a construction fence on the left side of the image. That fence is surrounding 1921-29 E. York St., which stretches between York and Boston Streets. Perhaps you're wondering why there's a fence surrounding this long vacant property, acquired by developers over the summer. Fortunately, there's a sign there that pretty much clears up everything.

Fence plus sign

The sign is advertising Boston Court, a new residential project from BMK Homes. These guys have built homes all over the neighborhood, and have an eleven home project just a block away. Boston Court will mean eight new homes, all with parking, and will represent one of the first major private projects to happen on this side of Emerald Street. Prices will start below $350K, which sounds like a pretty great deal.

Boston Street side, designed by KJO Architecture

York Street side

You can see in the photos, despite two significant construction sites basically next door to each other, there's still a ton of vacant land nearby. With several large lots just begging for redevelopment, we wonder whether this project will provide inspiration for nearby property owners to build or sell. We'd have to imagine that people already living nearby and those still to come are hoping that's exactly what happens.