We actually meant to bring 2011 Amber St. to your attention last month, but we forgot about it. And in the meantime, some stuff happened at the ZBA, so maybe it's for the best that we waited.

2011 Amber St.

For most of this year, there's been a plan circulating around to convert the building you see pictured above into artist studios with artisanal industrial uses. In addition the developers were looking to subdivide the property and build seven homes on Martha Street, behind the existing warehouse. Considering the size of the parcel, over 19K sqft, this seems to us like it would have been a reasonable plan.

Another view of the building on Amber St.

But it seems there were issues with the project. An application went to the ZBA back in February, but it was withdrawn. A new application (which looked just like the other one) got continued three times at the ZBA and was ultimately also withdrawn last month. So… what happened? Was this an issue with the developer? Did the community oppose the project? Was the issue with the homes on Martha Street? Or the reuse of the building on Amber Street? Any additional info from neighbors would be much appreciated here because as we said before, this seemed like a reasonable plan to us.

Right across the street

This is especially true considering what's happening across the street. Remember, the warehouse on the other side of Amber which stretches to Front Street is being converted into eighteen apartments and a vacant commercial space. You can see, some new windows have been installed since last month. Next door to that, the foundations are in place for Amber on Amber, a rental project with an Airbnb feature from Postgreen, and framing should start soon. We wonder, will something at 2011 Amber St., perhaps a revised plan, join in on the action on this block sometime soon?