The lower sections of East Kensington have seen remarkable development activity in the last few years, and now the megalots on the other side of Emerald Street are starting to get in on the act. A couple of months ago, we told you about Boston Court, an eight home project from BMK Homes on a stretch of land between Boston and York Streets (insert American Revolution joke here), past Emerald Street. This project came on the heels of a senior housing development at the corner of Emerald & Hagert which got moving over the summer after years of planning.

This project is progressing

The senior housing development pictured above sits on a parcel that was once home to the Emsley Hosiery factory but more recently housed the Cavco, a window factory. That building was lost after a 2010 fire and the entire parcel sat vacant for years until this project got underway.

The view on Hagert back in 2009

That project only covers about half of the block. The rest continues to sit vacant, but it seems like that won't be the case for much longer.

The current view next to the construction site

You'll notice in the photo, there's a zoning notice on the fence surrounding the property. Developers are looking to building ten duplexes at 1903-15 Hagert St., with five of the buildings fronting Hagert and the other five fronting Letterly Street. Each of the units will have a parking spot, accessed from the rear.

View on Letterly Street shows the lot more clearly

We don't have much more in terms of details but we'd imagine the units will be offered up for sale as condos. The project goes to the ZBA later this month and assuming it gets approved East Kensington will find itself with one less enormous vacant lot. Many will remain, so it's a safe bet that we'll be back in this neck of the woods sometime soon to tell you about another project.