We spotted a zoning notice a couple of weeks ago on a ho-hum building near the corner of 12th & Vine, but (as you might expect) were speeding by too fast to take a closer look. A few days later, we remembered to check the L&I Map and discovered that the owners of the property have plans to rehab it in the near future.

The white building

According to the zoning application, developers intend to construct a two story addition in the rear of the property, build out three apartments upstairs, and have a vacant commercial space on the first floor. Hopefully, the work will also include some work on the building’s facade, which could use a little love. It seems there are no concrete plans as of yet for the commercial space, though we wonder whether any sort of retail operation could find success here. The block isn’t exactly what you’d call pedestrian friendly.

Cars zooming by at all hours

On the other hand, with the soon-to-be-completed Goldtex building just a block away, there should be plenty of new residents coming to this area in the very near future. With that in mind, we suppose we could wrap our minds around a retail concept coming in here, though an office of some sort would seem much more likely. Of course, nothing is happening here until the ZBA gives its approval, which is contingent on getting a letter of support from the Chinatown Development Corporation.

Maybe a lunch place could open up here and borrow the old sign that’s still hanging around on the building next door? C’mon, you’re saying you wouldn’t check out a place called Super Lunch!?