When we got an email the other day about an upcoming Fairmount Civic Association meeting for a project on the 2600 block of Girard, our hearts soared with hope that the huge lot between Taney and 27th was finally getting developed after many years of vacancy. You may recall, we told you back in 2014 about a plan for that property that was to entail a four-story mixed-use building on Girard, ten homes on 27th Street, and a parking lot. Such a project would be a game changer for Brewerytown, eliminating a huge gap in the Girard Avenue corridor and adding a bunch of new neighbors to the community. Alas, the property still looks more or less the same as it has for a long time.

27thGirard (2)_0
View at 27th & Girard

But we faked ourselves out! The meeting isn’t about this property at all. Instead, it’s about a totally different property at the corner of 26th & Girard. Bummer.

Current view

Developers are looking to combine 2600, 2602, and 2604 W. Girard Ave. into a single property and build a new mixed-use building. Currently, you can see that the corner is sitting vacant and the two properties next door were once home to a day care. Obviously, the project would mean the demolition of the former day care. Looking at the permits, we see that the plans call for something quite significant; a six-story building, with ground floor retail and 25 apartments. By right, they could build a 55′ tall building (5 stories, comfortably), and 16 units. We think the added height and density is great, but we have a feeling they’re going to get some pushback on the project, as there’s no real hardship, from what we can tell.

Across the street, a Dollar Tree and the Braverman Building

Another strike against the proposal could be the Braverman Building, completed last year just up the street. On a larger parcel, MM Partners built a 5 story building with 16 units. We can imagine a scene at the community meeting where neighbors argue that the developers should just do the same thing. Hey, we can’t say we blame them for trying, and even though we’re not optimistic, perhaps they’ll get community support. If anyone is able to make it out to the community meeting on Thursday, please let everyone know how it goes in the comments.