The 1200 block of N. 28th Street has seen some changes since we visited last summer. At that time, a four-unit building, a triplex, and a duplex were all under construction. All of those projects appear to be finished, but some other projects are now underway, as you might expect in booming Brewerytown.

New four unit building and new three unit building both look finished

Across from the few-years-old North 28 building, two duplexes are currently getting framed out. Developers purchased 1245-47 N. 28th St. in the last half year, paying $45K per lot. These duplexes are happening by right, but we couldn't tell you whether the units will be offered for rent or for sale. Not sure that it matters all that much, as either use will be an upgrade over the vacant lots that were here before.

New framing on the block next to seemingly vacant garage

Across the street, North 28

Looking down the street, there's a new triplex under construction just south of Stiles Street. Developers bought the vacant lot at 1220 N. 28th St. earlier this year, and since the parcel is a little bigger than the lots mentioned above, the developers are able to build a three-unit building by right. So that's what they're doing. As for the vacant lot next door, it was transferred to the Land Bank this year, so perhaps it'll also get developed at some point in the near future. Or perhaps not.

New triplex just south of Stiles Street on the west side of the block

Going back across the street, just south of a couple of newer buildings, a long-blighted structure with great bones at 1219 N. 28th St. should get fixed up soon. According to the permits the owners are converting it into a triplex. Farther south, you can see the new duplex at 1213 N. 28th St. looks like it's done. As we predicted, it doesn't exactly blend in with the older housing stock nearby.

Renovation into a triplex, and a new duplex a few doors down

With steady development in the neighborhood and incremental improvement on the nearby Girard Avenue corridor, look for these types of projects to continue to take place in Brewerytown. There's still a decent supply of vacant land in the neighborhood, and with people clearly willing to move into the area, developers are understandably trying to find whatever properties they can.