Over a year ago, we brought 2835-37 W. Girard Ave. to your attention. Formerly a pizza place, a fire took place here several years ago, leaving the building in its currently blighted state. Recently, the owner has cleaned up the facade some, taking our advice by adding something that resembles a mural to the first floor.

In 2009

Early 2012

Recent shot

Not only do you notice a less horrible-looking first floor, but you may also have spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign as well. The building is currently listed for $450K, and includes a 2,000 sqft commercial space and six apartments. Obviously, the building needs a ton of work, but the upside could be worth it for the right buyer. And for the sake of folks who live and work nearby, we hope that an investor steps up soon- this building has been dragging down this block for too many years.