Wow, MM Partners. That didn’t take long at all. It was only about 15 months ago that we first told you that MM Partners had purchased 3101 Glenwood Ave., a six-story industrial building that was home to the Pyramid Electric Company from 1980-2000. The building was designed by Leroy B. Rothschild and constructed in 1922, originally housing a furniture business. We told you that the developers would be thoroughly renovating the building, with plans for 50 residential units along with retail and office space on the first floor. As you can see, they had their work cut out for them.

Pyramid Old
A couple years ago

Lo and behold, the renovation effort is now almost complete and the building looks amazing.

Current view of the building

Last week, as part of Design Philadelphia, MM Partners offered free tours of their new Pyramid Lofts building, and we figured we’d take advantage of the opportunity to walk through the property. We snagged some quality photos and learned a thing or two, as well. For example, the building is now almost completely sold out and occupied, with just one apartment (pictured below) remaining unrented. Another tidbit, one of the office tenants will be opening a little cafe on the southern side of the building. Speaking of the office tenants, their spaces are still unfinished, but when they’re done, they’ll maintain some of the graffiti that decorated the entire building until about a year ago. Finally, for the residents, there will be a public outdoor space and a dog park behind the building, on land leased from Conrail. It’s still a patch of dirt at the moment, but it should be a great perk in the future.

Okay, enough of our yapping. Check out this building already.

Future coffee shop
Future office space, with preserved train tracks running through the building
More leftover graffiti
More office space in the works
Future amenity area, which will include fire pits and a dog park (not in the same area)
Looking up, from future dog park
Residential hallway, ceiling tiles still to come
Inside one of the units
Kitchen area
Building lobby

Ordinarily, this would be the time that we’d encourage anyone looking to move to Brewerytown to consider Pyramid Lofts as an option, but with just one vacant apartment at this point, it’s probably an exercise in futility. Oh well, maybe they’ve got a waiting list for when the first leases expire next year. Worth a try, perhaps.