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Last week, we mentioned the good work that MM Partners is doing the corner of Taney St. and Girard Ave., rehabbing a former hardware store with plans to turn it into the nicest restaurant in Brewerytown. While we were up there, we checked in on their biggest project at the moment, the nearly fifteen-thousand sqft. North 28, which we originally reported on way back in March.

A view of the southern end of the development

The northern end of the development

As you can see, most foundations have been poured, with the rest on the verge. Once all the foundations are complete, the modular units will be delivered and assembled. After that, utilities will be connected and finishes will be completed. We’d estimate that the project is just a couple of months away at this point. Which begs the question: Can we get MM Partners to start working on the buildings across the street?

Begging for help.

What do we know? The garage may be in use.

Once North 28 is finished, we imagine these buildings will turn over pretty quickly, whoever does the redevelopment. Kudos to MM Partners- they are seriously making a difference right now in Brewerytown.