We've visited the 3000 block of Stiles Street several times in the last few years and the number of vacant blighted properties was always striking to us, especially considering the block's close proximity to the reinvigorated Girard Avenue corridor. Last summer, we told you about renovations to a couple of homes on this block, after previously mentioning work by Steph-Sin to rehab the easternmost home on the block's north side. Today, we have some more specifics on the renovation efforts here, from exactly who you would expect would be doing this kind of work in Brewerytown.

In the past

Stiles Row, from MM Partners, is rescuing four properties on this block through renovation and new construction. Check it out:

Renovating former blight

New construction with setback

You can see in the photos above, 3007 W. Stiles St. was renovated last year and is currently for sale. MM Partners is rehabbing 3011, 3013, and 3019 W. Stiles St., adding set-back third stories to two of the three. Across the street, they demolished a blighted two-story home and have built a new three-story home in its place. That home is currently under contract at a price of $325K. When this project comes to a close, most of the blighted properties will have been cleaned up on this block.

You can see above, there's at least one more blight on the block, which has been owned for years by PHA. Recently though, a developer purchased it, suggesting it should turn over soon as well. And in case you're wondering how the Stiles Row homes remained blighted for so many years, it should come as little surprise that the Redevelopment Authority owned them for almost a decade before MM Partners took over. But thanks to this great developer, the long nightmare for this block is finally nearing an end.