As Brewerytown has transformed over the last decade, some blocks have changed more than others. Especially on the western end of the neighborhood, huge vacant swaths have turned over, with the construction of a shopping center with a supermarket and numerous apartment buildings (we see you, Westrum). The changes on the 1200 block of N. 27th Street are perhaps a bit more low key, but no less transformational, as both sides of the block have seen extensive redevelopment in the form of small-sized multi-family buildings. Our favorite of the bunch is at 1229 N. 27th St., a sizable property that was previously a dreaded surface parking lot. You may recall, we told you to expect a project here roughly three years ago.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 At 11.59.32 AM
In the past

At the time, we learned that developers were subdividing the parking lot into 21 smaller properties, something that we would have assumed to be a precursor to a plan for 21 town homes. Instead, the plan called for a collection of triplexes, duplexes, and quadplexes, for a total of 63 units among them. Checking in on the project today, we see it’s roughly 75% finished, with all the buildings done on 27th Street, a few done on Taney Street, and some additional foundations awaiting buildings on Taney. Like many projects in Brewerytown, these structures have a very contemporary appearance.

Looking north on 27th Street
Looking south on 27th
Stiles Street view
Units on Taney look a bit different
Foundations for the next phase

Back when we told you about the potential for this project a few years back, we weren’t sure whether the units would be offered as rentals or if the developers would look to sell them as condos. Now that the project is well down the road, we can tell you that the units are indeed rentals, with prices ranging from $1,300/mo for one bedroom units to $1,750/mo for two bedroom units. Given that the buildings themselves are on the small side, you can probably guess that the apartments are pretty small, so the rental rates are pretty strong, on a per square foot basis.

Dozens of new units are appearing every year on the east side of Brewerytown, joining hundreds of new units on the other side of the neighborhood. As we’ve said on numerous occasions, the continued population growth in this neighborhood will only improve the business environment on the Girard Avenue commercial corridor. Not only will this result in new businesses opening, but it will raise the prospects of businesses that are currently operating, whether they’ve been around for twenty years or twenty minutes. We can certainly join those businesses in hoping that the momentum continues in this part of town.