To art or not to art? Such is the question Septa officials often face. Is it worth it to allocate resources for murals and more at its stations despite its precarious budget situation?

Yes, is the answer, or so say the folk at Septa, and we agree. For example, this call for artists from last month to submit qualifications to participate in the creation of a permanent sculpture to be installed at its 33rd and Dauphin Loop, across the street from Fairmount Park, which now emanates the color of old mustard.

The intersection

SEPTA’s Art in Transit program is designed to incorporate art elements into renovation and construction projects for selected stations and facilities with the goal of creating more dynamic and vibrant public spaces. The program allocates up to one percent of Septa’s construction budget. In June, Septa issued a request for the services of general contractors and electrical construction contractors for its 33rd and Dauphin Loop Improvement Project. Meanwhile, Philly would probably benefit from some general upgrades to its public transit system while they’re at it.

Building across the street could use some upgrades as well

It’s good to see Septa officials are interested in maintaining and creating new art at their spaces. Perhaps we ought celebrate the fact that they are choosing art and not advertising, like on the walls of the subway. It’s just a little more love for the City of Murals, as it were.

–Lou Mancinelli