North 28
luxury prefab condominiums are moving into Brewerytown at 1238 N. 28th Street. MM Partners, who is spearheading the project, has closed on a construction loan from Beneficial Bank needed to begin building and are looking to finish the project by the end of this summer. The building will consist of 15 modular units (equipped with 15 gated parking spaces) and will be located a ½ block north of Girard Avenue (believe it or not). Making up the 15 units will be three one-bedroom condos as well as 12 two-bedroom units, also designed with the help of JKR Partners.

Each modularly constructed unit is prefabricated off site and later brought together to form one building (sort of like building a Lego house). The condos have been approved for both sale and rental; the one-bedroom units will be listed in the mid $100K range while the two bedroom units will be priced in the mid $200Ks. The rentable units will span anywhere between $900 and $1,450 per month; a parking space is included in all of these prices.

This 14,500 square foot development will be Brewerytown’s first construction project north of Girard in a while (it’s about time) and it seems as though locals are pretty excited about the project. Jacob Roller of MM Partners has made it clear that they are concerned with transforming Brewerytown as a whole rather than just in a residential sense, also saying that he believes retail elements in the area are important for the growth of residential projects such as this one. We would definitely have to agree with Roller on this and are excited to see the finished North 28 as well as a positive transformation of Brewerytown in the future.

MM Partners is planning to open up viewing of the rental units in May; they are hoping to get construction permits from L&I in two weeks.