Just about every block in Brewerytown provides an example of the changes that the neighborhood has undergone over the last several years, with projects large and small dotting the landscape. If you’re looking for the densest concentration of new units, however, you need look no further than the northwest corner of the neighborhood, where multiple apartment buildings have appeared. The largest project, perhaps in the whole neighborhood, is the Hub project, which includes roughly 200 units over three buildings. We first told you about that development in 2017 and last checked in about a year and a half ago when construction was moving along nicely. The project is now finished and the pool is full of water, and we confess, it looked pretty tempting on the toasty day we visited the site.

IMG_2648 2
Looking north from 31st & Master

Perhaps even more exciting is the ongoing renovation of the former Red Bell, nee Poth Brewery on the north side of the 3100 block of Jefferson Street. We told you a couple years back that redevelopment was on the horizon for this long vacant property, and as you can see, redevelopment is indeed ongoing. As we mentioned before, MM Partners purchased this huge and handsome edifice, which makes sense given their sizable footprint in Brewerytown. When they’re done doing what they’re doing, the building will have 128 apartments and 25K sqft of commercial space. More importantly, one of the trophy buildings in the neighborhood will be brought back to active use, maintaining an important connection to the history of the area.

North side of the 3100 block of Jefferson

At this point, nobody should be surprised to learn that there’s even more development on the way for this pocket. 3120 W. Jefferson St. was home to a one-story industrial building for the last several decades, and this clearly made sense for the vast majority of those years. Not so much anymore, so now the warehouse is gone, replaced by a construction site. A five story building will soon rise here, and this building will include 32 apartments, 10 parking spaces, and a small commercial space. The developer is Khosla Properties, the same group currently working on a similar project in Fishtown which we covered a couple weeks back.

New construction on the south side
Project rendering

It’s crazy that this project feels modest in comparison to the two projects on either side of it. Just a few short years ago, this would have been huge news and would have represented one of the largest developments in the recent history of the neighborhood. Today, it’s just one more development adding a few dozen more units to the mix, joining the hundreds of other units that have come online in recent years. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention, there’s still room for more.