Buzzing through Brewerytown yesterday, we spied a new zoning notice on a dilapidated building on the 2700 block of Stiles Street, a block that's got more than its share of vacancy.

Zoning notice on Stiles Street

The rest of the block

When we stopped to snap some photos and get a closer look, we realized that the address is actually 2712 W. Cabot St. even though the building frontage is on Stiles and it's just a vacant lot on Cabot Street. Cabot Street's in better shape than Stiles Street, but it also (sarcastically) boasts a number of vacant lots.

Zoning notice on Cabot St.

Looking down the block

The zoning application wisely calls for the division of this parcel into two lots. Developers want to build a duplex on each lot, with one of the duplexes, probably the one on Stiles Street, having a single parking space. The project hasn't gone to the ZBA just yet, but this would seem like a reasonable plan and a major upgrade over the vacant lot and blighted building. But you never know. Researching this project, we discovered two other projects have been proposed on this block of late, for the parcels immediately next door. At 2714 W. Cabot St., the ZBA denied a plan to maintain the home on Cabot Street and build a duplex on Stiles Street, but then changed their ruling after a motion for reconsideration. At 2716 W. Cabot St. it looks like developers got permits to divide the parcel over the counter but then the permit was revoked.

With any luck, all of this bureaucracy will quickly work itself out and several new buildings will soon appear on Cabot and Stiles Streets. These blocks would certainly benefit from the development.