A reader recently reached out and gave us the heads up that a new home has arrived on the northwest corner of 29th & Harper, on a property that's been vacant for many years. So we moseyed up there to take a peek. Here, check out the before and after shots:

In the past

Home has arrived on the scene

Developers bought this lot earlier this year for $72.5K and we're pretty sure they had to take it through the zoning process since it's zoned for commercial use. Sure, it's just a few doors down from Girard Avenue, but if you consider the block to the west, a residential use is a no-brainer.

It's this close to Girard Avenue

Looking west on Harper Street

Some single-family homes have gone up in this area with rentals in mind, but we'd wager that this property will be listed for sale. Considering the prices we've seen for new construction homes on nearby blocks of Cambridge Street, we would expect to see a sale price in the $400K neighborhood. And whoever ends up buying this property will also have a solid view of an amazing old brownstone that's unsurprisingly been broken up into apartments.

Amazing building across the street

Generally, when you think of Brewerytown development, you probably picture all the construction to the north of the Girard Avenue commercial corridor. But projects like this and the aforementioned Cambridge Street projects are also part of the Brewerytown story. Yeah, there's not nearly as much vacant land on the neighborhood's southern end, but the construction to the north and the positive changes on Girard are leading to the redevelopment of many of those vacant lots. Sooner than later, it's fair to imagine that there won't be any remaining.