Just yesterday, we shared the wonderful news that the long vacant W.G Schweiker building on the 2600 block of Jefferson Street has a new owner and that renovation could be on the horizon for this fantastic building. When we snapped our photos of the building, we noticed some ongoing construction activity on the block, but figured we’d come back to it after the fact, to not take focus away from the main thrust of our story. Today is a new day, so here we go:

Looking east on the 2600 block of Jefferson

From right to left, 2635 Jefferson St. is vacant and not under construction. Since it’s owned by PHA, it’s hard to say when or if something will happen with this property. 2637 Jefferson St. is also sitting vacant, and has a bunch of violations on the property. It’s been owned by the same person since 1927, but we’d think it will change hands soon via the Sheriff, as the liens catch up with it. 2639 Jefferson St. is owned by a developer who tore down the vacant home that had been here. The property is zoned multi-family, so a duplex seems like a reasonable thing to expect in the future.

IMG_0335 (1)
Construction just to the east of the Schweiker building

On the other side of the Schweiker building, the long blighted home at 2613 Jefferson St. has a new facade. We can’t find the permits for this project for some reason, but we expect this is just a single family home renovation as the lot is not even 12′ wide. Tough to make a duplex work with that footprint, folks.

Huge lot on the NW corner of Bailey & Jefferson

In between the projects we just mentioned sits 2625 Jefferson St., a huge vacant lot which represented the second most exciting opportunity on the block. Developers bought this lot about a year ago for a little over $200K and we would say they got some solid value. Their planning to subdivide the property into five new lots and build five triplexes here. Given the success that developers have had with condos in the neighborhood, we could see a condo approach here, but think that rentals are more likely at this location. And just think, whether they own or rent, whoever ends up living here will have easy access to the Athletic Square Park to the south, and excellent views of the restored W.G. Schweiker building right across the street.