It’s been awhile since our last update on North 28, the large development at 1238 N 28th St. from MM Partners. Today, we had the unique pleasure of witnessing a sight not often seen- the assembly of several modular components to form the structure that will soon become three one-bedroom and twelve two-bedroom units. When completed, this project will include almost 15K sqft of living space.

Take a look at this photo gallery of the modular build currently in progress.

Built so far...

Same building, from across the street

A shower, not yet tiled

Kitchen cabinets, without countertops

Yeah, they're still on the street

The entire component, with kitchen and bathroom pictured earlier

The same component, with the assembled building in the background

Another component, actually sitting on a truck

The stairways get plenty of natural light

We’ve spoken to a few developers to find out why more don’t use modular building methods, which are apparently more cost effective and quite impressive to see in person. The most common responses that we’ve heard have been a simple lack of experience with building modular and a general sense from some that “buyers just don’t like it.”

Anyone out there live in a modular home and wish they didn’t? Anyone out there live in a modular home and can’t tell the difference? Is the stigma for modular deserved, or do these developers need to start living in the now?