Ten years ago, redevelopment north of Girard Avenue in Brewerytown seemed like it might never arrive. Nevertheless, from 1999-2007 the median residential sales price of homes in the neighborhood rose nearly four times from just over $10K to over $40K, according to U.S. Census Data compiled by the Philadelphia Neighborhood Information System, as reported by Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

Jump up to 2012 at 27th & Girard, and you have the scenario where the historic St. Augustine's Church first constructed in 1888, sold to developer Jordan Brody. Brody is now converting the church into apartments. Part of the church extends up N. 27th Street where it meets a vacant lot and is followed by a string of vacant homes.

Church under construction

So we wonder whether a developer will be attracted to any or all of the homes at 1216-22 N. 27th St., a collection of four bruised and vacant row homes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, PHA owns this batch of properties, with the exception of 1220 N. 27th St., was purchased last year by Metropolitan Property Holdings for $13.5K. The City also owns the vacant lot between the church and this run of homes.

Blighted homes and vacant lots

Closer look

That recent purchase shows there is clear interest in redevelopment north of Girard. Combine that with additional projects large and small north of Girard, and consider plans for a major mixed-use redevelopment of the large vacant parcel situated on the southeast corner at 27th & Girard, and you can begin to understand how this 27th & Girard intersection is shaping up to be revitalized. Let’s hope PHA gets on board and sells off these vacant homes. Or if they would just fix them up, that would be fine by us too.