We try to visit Brewerytown every few weeks, just to see what's going on development-wise. But there's so many small streets in the neighborhood, sometimes we miss something. So when a reader tipped us off to multiple projects on the 1300 block of N. Marston St., we weren't too shocked that we hadn't noticed anything there before. And we quickly made our way to this block, to see what's going on.

Looking down the block

The block is dominated by a large building at 1327-33 N. Marston St. which was once a milk depot but has clearly sat vacant for many years. A development company aptly named Marston Street Milk Depot LLC purchased the building earlier this year at sheriff's sale for a little more than $100K and now they're doing work on the building to make it safe, per an engineer's report. Once that's done, they're apparently planning a residential conversion for the property which we imagine will involve a partial reuse and an addition. The property is bigger than it looks, measuring just over 8,000 sqft, and could accommodate 17 apartments by right.

Some work has started on the south side

We don't understand how it skips from 1333 to 1339

Across the street from this upcoming project, three homes are currently getting renovated. Renovations LLC, a developer that we don't believe is connected to the guys doing to milk depot project, purchased these properties in the spring and in addition to fixing up the existing homes they're also building rear additions. The lots extend back a hundred feet, so the people who eventually move into these homes will have ridiculous backyards. These developers already rehabbed a property on this block, 1319 N. Marston St., which is currently listed for sale for $195K.

Homes across the street getting worked on

With development visiting this block in earnest, we wonder whether additional properties will attract the attention of builders in the area. Notably, the large garage on the left side of the above image would seem like a nice candidate. Perhaps a lower hanging fruit would be any of a number of properties on the 1400 block of N. Marston St., immediately to the north.

1400 block is in terrible condition

Yeah, this block still has a ways to go.