MM Partners, probably the most active developer in the Brewerytown neighborhood, are at it again. We’ve covered numerous projects from these guys over the past several months, including North28, and the ongoing renovation of the MG Schweiker Building. This time, they’ve turned their attention back to Brewerytown’s commercial corridor, cleaning up a gross storefront and opening a pop-up garden store at 2710 W Girard Ave.

In the past

Current shot

Girard Supply Co. is an effort to give urban gardeners a neighborhood alternative to Home Depot or Lowe’s. With numerous plants as well as gardening design elements from SHIFT_DESIGN, this new store brightens up a commercial space that’s still, for all intents and purposes, in shell condition.

Not only does the store brighten up the space, but it also brightens up the entire corridor. Though a couple of newer stores have appeared on this block in recent years, many vacancies remain. And most of the spaces that aren’t vacant aren’t terribly inviting. Hopefully, this business will add a little more life to Girard Avenue, and inspire additional businesses to open here in the near future.

Across the street isn't bad

And the building a couple of doors down that holds a day care is simply gorgeous

If you’d like to check out Girard Supply Co. in person, and enjoy a beer or two while you’re at it, head over there on Wednesday, 5/30, between 4:30 and 6:30pm for their Grand Opening Celebration.

See you there?