Just last week, we were discussing a six home project on the 1300 block of N. 27th Street, excited that these homes were filling in a lot that had been sitting vacant for a long while. We didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out there are a couple of additional projects under construction less than a block away. We didn’t know about these projects when we snapped the photos on the 1300 block, so we had to haul ourselves all the way back to Brewerytown to give you a sense of what’s going on.

It’s actually a little embarrassing that we didn’t notice additional construction on 27th Street, as you can see a construction fence up the street all the way from the corner of 27th & Master. It’s particularly obvious because the west side of the 1400 block of N. 27th St. is overrun with vacant lots. So that fence really stands out, if you bother to look.

IMG_3329 (1)
Looking north at 27th & Master

Looking a little more closely, we see that 1416 N. 27th St. is the site of a new hole in the ground. Having bought the property about a year ago for $30K, the owners are building a new home here. The lot is really little though, measuring only 16’x38′, so this will be a rather small home, as new construction goes. In the immediate future, the home will continue to sit among a sea of vacancy, but given that some of the surrounding properties are privately owned, we imagine other homes will eventually rise on this block. Given the small lot sizes though, we wonder just how low the developers will have to go in terms of price.

IMG_3330 (1)
Random new home coming on 27th Street

A few doors to the north on this block is a large, City owned property whose existence we truly don’t understand. It’s used in part for parking, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen some yard sale activity on this lot over the years. But it certainly doesn’t make obvious sense to us that the City would own such a large lot that’s used for public parking, especially in a part of town with plentiful street parking. Maybe someone that lives in the area can explain the situation?

IMG_3331 (1)
Looking through to Etting Street

Looking through this odd property, onto Etting Street, we spied some additional construction. So we went around the block to get a closer look.

Construction on Etting Street

Yup, that’s a nice looking hole in the ground. According to permits, five homes should soon be rising at 1426-34 N. Etting St. from this hole in the ground. This is a dramatic improvement over the blighted homes that were here previously.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 At 11.37.59 AM
The view on Etting back in 2014

For those that need help with simple math, that’s six additional homes currently under construction, less than a block from the six homes we told you about last week. We’re hoping that this covers all the construction in the immediate area, but given the momentum in Brewerytown it wouldn’t surprise us if someone were to tell us about three other projects under construction nearby. If and when that happens, please just give us ’til after New Years, and we’ll be sure to get right on them.