We were peering at the L&I Map last week, and that's how we discovered the plans to demolish the warehouse at 30th & Thompson and replace it with a 40-unit apartment building. Shortly before or after, we spied some additional permits on the 2900 block of Master Street and figured we'd investigate. It turns out, some long vacant lots will soon get redeveloped just a few doors down from the confusingly named Fairmount @ Brewerytown building.

Vacant lot between two stories
2920 W. Master St. is a vacant lot that sits in between two-story homes, and it's been sitting empty for at least a decade. Developer Callahan Ward bought the property about half a year ago, after it sat on the market for just over two weeks. We'd guess they're building a new home here by-right. This is not the first foray into Brewerytown for this developer, as they built a three unit condo building on the 2500 block of W. Girard Avenue earlier this year. And it's not their last foray, either.

More homes coming here

Yeah, they have an interest in 2930 W. Master St. as well. To be clear, that property is one off the corner of Myrtlewood & Master, the vacant lot at the corner is owned by PHA and could continue to sit in its current state for many years to come. But the three properties immediately to the west are privately owned and should all get redeveloped soon. As we said, 2930 W. Master St. is owned by Callahan Ward. Developers with other mailing addresses own the vacant lot at 2932 W. Master St. and the two-story home at 2934 W. Master St., and we'd expect to see all three turn into brand new three-story homes in the coming months.

And for the benefit of the people who will eventually move into these homes, there's a new brew pub coming very soon right around the corner. Ah, what a wonderful thing, to see Brewerytown further embrace its history. Of course, this should only increase demand for the homes.