Terrence Williams is one of Philly’s few entrepreneurs with the unfortunate problem of expanding faster than his landlord allows. Williams’ business of building custom colored bikes from recycled and refurbished bike parts has grown enough to push him to move out of his current space at 11th and Vine to his first retail store in Brewerytown at 2711 W. Girard Street. Putting color on bland bikes, making bull-horn handlebars from cutting bars and helping bike-less city dwellers get new wheels by accepting trades has made his business so popular with students and graduates that happen to be from the Fairmount and Brewerytown areas anyway. At first Williams began buying bikes to customize and storing them in his house, but demand got so high it became a problem. “My house started to look like a bike graveyard,” laughs Williams. “My mother thought I was depressed.” Even after moving to a larger space at Vox Populi on Vine, it took only two months to outgrow even that.

MMPartners is excited to have him join the Brewerytown pioneering retail stores, especially with his plans for a colorful store complete with bright bikes displayed outside and an ice cream addition to the store. “Its like going to Ben & Jerry’s factory,” explains Williams who wants to have an affordable Scoop Deville-type of parlor that will have hard ice cream mixed with toppings. We are thankful to Williams for paving the way for Brewerytown to become a friendly and vibrant neighborhood!

Right now Williams’ business is Craigslist and word of mouth; view Williams’ current Craigslist listings here or e-mail him here.