Almost a whole year ago, we updated you on the construction progress of a new construction home on the corner of 31st & Baltz, which at the time was across the street from a vacant lot that would supposedly someday become a supermarket. At the time, we also mentioned that a run-down mixed-use property with some lovely bones, located immediately to the south, had recently gone before the ZBA with a proposal to open a cafe.

In the past

Now, here we stand, a year later. The home on the northeast corner is finished. A giant orange pig sits on the roof of a newly opened Bottom Dollar. And iMunch, the cafe that we told you about way back when, looks like it should be opening sometime soon. Aside from the name and the tagline ‘Imbibe, Imagine, Inspire,’ we don’t know much about this new establishment.

The building today. Stucco!

Closer look

But we do know that another new business is coming to Brewerytown, which can only be considered great news for the neighborhood. That this business is opening off of Girard Avenue should be considered even more exciting. We’re guessing that the owners of the cafe are hoping to get attention from people shopping at the market, and will also seek business from the residents of nearby Brewerytown Square.


We wish the owners of iMunch much success in their new venture, and hope to see a chain of iMunch locations operating very soon across the city. But we have to wonder, how did they come up with the name?