Baby step by baby step, the West Girard Avenue corridor is seeing improvements. In the last couple of years, the opening of a new Bottom Dollar at 31st Street probably represented the biggest addition, but there are plenty of other residential and commercial developments that have cropped up, with several more coming soon.

Bottom Dollar

For example, three new homes are approaching completion on the 3000 block of Girard, around the corner from the new market. Last summer, MM Partners opened Girard Supply Co., a pop-up garden store, on the 2700 block. And Mugshots and Rita’s are two newer businesses that have found a way to make it work on the 2800 block for a few years now.

And there’s much more on the way. At 27th & Girard, a handsome old church will soon be converted into apartments. Across the street, a giant vacant lot could be redeveloped in a large, mixed-use project in the next couple of years. On a much smaller scale, popular Fairmount Avenue shop Rybread is planning a second location on the south side of the 2800 block. And apparently another food venture will be soon be landing down the street at 2730 W. Girard Ave.

The space

According to Michael Klein, Shifty’s Tacos will soon be taking over this space. The bricks are owned by local developers MM Partners, whose offices are located next door, and the business will be owned by the folks who own Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. Look for meaty and vegetarian options, with flour and gluten-free tortillas. And house-made hot sauce. But mostly, look for one more exciting addition to a growing corridor. Brewerytown has a ways to go, but it’s positively heading in the right direction- and the addition of businesses like this to Girard Ave. only make it a more desirable place to live. And eat.